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About We Care For Youth
Philosophy of We Care For Youth

The philosophy of We Care For Youth and its subdivision, Bliss Unlimited, is that our work is rooted in peace, guided by compassion and conducted in teamwork, striving for impeccability.

Unconditional love is the path WCFY follows to treat all people equally with respect and to accept everyone as they are at that moment. Those who work with WCFY interact with young people out of compassion.

Peace is seen as the wellspring of inspiration, strength and hope for the work that WCFY does with teenagers. If youth can contemplate a future of non-violence, they are more likely to set and accomplish goals.

All projects and partnerships are inspired by the needs of youth; Bliss products and services are inspired by youth, made with integrity and sold with love. Other values taught and modeled by WCFY are: commitment, trust, respect, responsibility, tolerance, honesty, and determination.

We are constantly influenced by and seek opportunities with national and global organizations and individuals that share our vision.

All activities, programs and ideas are run through the filters of the WCFY mission and philosophy before engaging.